We’re a team of just over 50 professional IT staff, covering roles such as Cloud Engineer, Scrum Coach, UI/UX Designer and of course, many Software Engineers.

Our Areas of Expertise

KRS has worked for many, many clients, in many industries over our 35 years. We have all the expected competence in FinTech, operational and strategic systems, eCommerce and an interesting selection of specialized domains. We can put a team together that will speak your language, and bring relevant experience to your project.

Read on for some examples of what we’ve done in the Fitness Management, Hospitality and eCommerce sectors. 

Hospitality and Property Management

Enterprise Hospitality businesses require streamlined bookings and reservation systems that are distinct to their sector. KRS provides 20 years of industry skills, and have niche products for Game Reserve management as well as for Camp Sites.

Our Roomseeker system is Africa’s Premier Game Reserve property management software

Our latest niche product for Hospitality is aimed at campers and camp sites. This is a neglected area of Hospitality, but is gaining prominence as more people travel in their own countries and look for Covid-safe ways to spend their holidays. 

A tent pitched at a campsite with a dramatic starry night sky and three people sitting around a campfire
A photo of a large storage warehouse

Catalogue Retail

We’ve developed systems covering Debtors, Logistics, Warehousing, Order Capture, Agent Commission and Stock and Merchandising. We could probably sell you pots and beddings ourselves, we know the businesses so well!

Past Clients include:

Homechoice logo
Pres Les logo

Fitness Management Industry Expertise

We’ve been writing systems for gyms and studios since the Health and Racquet Club days. We’ve written systems that are used across all of Africa, and we’re very proud of Itensity Online, our Gym solution which is the leading gym system in Africa. Check out our Itensity video on Facebook to see how advanced Member onboarding works (and for some nice gym pics).
A photo of a person about to lift a heavy weight at a gym

Get in touch with the KRS Team

We create long term relationships with our clients through excellent customer support and listening to your needs.

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Doodle drawings of communication icons